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“I took family photos from cupboards, drawers and boxes and easily made something wonderful for my grandchildren to see. My brothers, who live overseas, were able to share their photos too, and it’s completely private, which I love.”
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Jane Shelley
Suffolk, UK

Bring together every part of a life story in one place.

Photo albums in drawers and cupboards, family overseas, stories told in a forgotten email. Bring them all together for everyone to look back on. You can show children and grandchildren the impact of a loved one's life.

Unlike social networks, we keep your memories private, in your control and free of advertising.

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Private, safe and secure.

Memorials are completely private until you choose otherwise. It's up to you whether to invite just your family and friends, or share a memorial with the public.

Your memories, photos, videos and stories are safe. We use industry-standard encryption across both the data we store, and the traffic we process. We are always looking to improve our security and regularly review our standards with industry professionals to check we're leading the way.

We also offer tips and support to help you keep your account details safe and prevent fraud and hacks.

Built to last.

You need to be sure that the memorial you create today is going to be available for years to come. We have built a tool and a company around earning that trust. We know that the web is changing every day, and so are the needs of those using it, so we're building a platform that will last as long as you need it.

Created by our family, for your family.

Echoleft is designed and built by brother-and-sister team Max Shelley and Sam Parnell. With a family spread all over the world, they were able to tell the story of their grandparents and create a lasting story for great-grandchildren and generations to come. We are a family-run company, based in the south-east of England. We'd love you to become part of our story.

Raise money for charity.

Accept memorial donations in your loved one's name. You can request donations in place of flowers or gifts, raise money for a hospice or charity that has helped you or for something close to your heart. While donations are made in someone's name, donors can remain anonymous if they wish.

If you represent a charity or hospice, you can find out about accepting donations here.

  • Help others by selecting a charity and accepting memorial donations with one click.
  • Leave a personal message with each donation.
  • Donate on birthdays and anniversaries.

Our Story

It's important to us that you can see who we are and what we do. You can read our story and stay in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to become part of our story.

Help & Support

Our support team is here to help you create beautiful memorials, and accept memorial donations. You can email us at or call us on 01473 760362.