Putting families at the heart of your in-memory fundraising.

Help your supporters create beautiful memorials for a loved one, with fundraising tools built-in.

Every memorial includes a tribute fund, fundraising pages and integration with your events.

In-memory fundraising that integrates with every other aspect of your work. Every memorial includes a built-in tribute fund, integrated with your organised events, and fundraising pages created by family and friends. A legacy of fundraising activity, stored in one place and telling a wonderful story of support.

Memorial websites with your cause at their heart.

Fundraising over a number of different events in memory of a loved one.

Friends and family can create their own fundraising pages, or take part in your organised events, with all of their fundraising activity automatically becoming part of the memorial and adding to the fundraising total.

Create a longer lasting relationship with families, with their loved one at the centre of their fundraising activity.

Provide a safe, private space for families.

A lasting place, where families are in control of privacy and content. Memorials can be set up anywhere, at any time, providing the flexibility for people to approach this in their own time.

Simple, clear privacy controls can be adjusted at any time if they wish to share their memorial with the community. Fundraising can still take place on private memorials, we take care of the privacy so you can focus on your supporters.

Provide beautiful memorial websites for your supporters, their friends and families.

Easy to set up, simple to use, secure and private.

Features that are part of every memorial, available to all your supporters.