Set up and manage events for good causes in minutes.

Supporters register for your events, fundraise and tell their story, all in one place. Build stronger relationships around your events.

This is Amy. She organises events for a regional charity.
“We'd been making supporters jump through hoops to register for events in one place, then create fundraising pages somewhere else. Echoleft brings everything we need together.”

Are you asking your supporters to register in one place and fundraise in another?

You're missing out on a great change to engage with your best fundraisers. Put everything in one place, with your supporters at the heart of it all.

Used by thousands of people supporting incredible causes.

Make your events social.

Customise how your events appear on social media.

Add your own branding to event fundraising pages, so they look amazing and promote your event on Facebook and other social networks.

Add big ‘cover’ photos to event pages to provide a great opportunity for corporate sponsors to see their name spread far and wide on social media.

Fundraising teams also offer a great branding opportunity for your sponsors, their staff can take part and offer an entirely branded sponsorship page.

Great fundraising tools for third-party events.

You don't need to run events to raise money and awareness from them.

If you're working with an events company, or taking part in an existing event, you can still provide branded, personalised fundraising pages for your supporters.

Fundraising totals and data stay in one place, allowing you to reach your targets and provide a branded fundraising experience for your supporters.

Events & fundraising in one place.

Your supporters can buy a ticket and start a fundraising page in minutes.

You want to provide a great experience for your supporters, but it's vital that you can re-use the data they provide in your database and any other systems.

Echoleft's export templates mean you can integrate event and donation information into your existing database, or anywhere else you need e.g. printing off registration forms or sending registration packs.

Custom data consent fields mean you can maintain your GDPR compliance at every step.

Echoleft has helped Girls Night Out grow from £190,000 in 2015 to a record-breaking £275,000 in 2017.

Girls Night Out is in its 10th year, and in 2017 more than 2,400 women signed up! They don their pyjamas, a pair of glowing bunny ears with a huge smile they walk 11.2 or six miles through Bury St Edmunds.

Guide your supporters from registering for an event, straight into creating a fundraising page.

When you're selling tickets, or letting people sign up for your events, we provide a one-stop place for them to sign up, pay and then create a fundraising page to support your event. Group and team bookings are also supported.

Your supporters fundraising activity is automatically linked with their registration, so you get real-time data about the fundraising success of your events.

Group Bookings/Registrations

One person can register on behalf of their friends, family and colleagues. This makes it easy for teams, workplaces, entire families and large groups to take part, while still providing details for everyone taking part.

Everyone that's registered is emailed a copy of the event details, and can take control of their registration information at any time. You can customise the terms and conditions for each event to make sure your data protection requirements are met.

Whatever the shape and size of your team.

Great prices for great causes.

Amy's team can manage the event, and the fundraising in one place.

Echoleft makes things easier for your supporters, it also makes things easier for you!

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