Set up and manage events in minutes.

Start promoting your events and selling tickets in just a few clicks.

Sell tickets and allow your supporters to register for your events. Your branding is built in.

Your events, fundraising pages and your donors in one, easy to manage place.

Guide your supporters from registering for an event, straight into creating a fundraising page.

When you're selling tickets, or letting people sign up for your events, we provide a one-stop place for them to sign up, pay and then create a fundraising page to support your event. Group and team bookings are also supported.

Your supporters fundraising activity is automatically linked with their registration, so you get real-time data about the fundraising success of your events.

Group Bookings/Registrations

One person can register on behalf of their friends, family and colleagues. This makes it easy for teams, workplaces, entire families and large groups to take part, while still providing details for everyone taking part.

Everyone that's registered is emailed a copy of the event details, and can take control of their registration information at any time. You can customise the terms and conditions for each event to make sure your data protection requirements are met.

Data protection built-in.

As a registered data controller with the Information Comissioner's Office, we provide options for donors and fundraisers to control the data they provide to you. We protect, anonymise and cleanse data so you can be confident that you are working with the right data in your control panel.

Fundraisers can choose to take part in memory.

Our tools for in-memory fundraising are available to everyone taking part in your event. They can create a memorial after registering for your event, or link their fundraising to an existing memorial, all in just a few minutes.

Case Study: Girls Night Out

Echoleft provided the registration system for Girls Night Out 2016, a sponsored walk by St Nicholas Hospice Care, where around 2,000 women in pyjamas and glowing bunny ears walk through the centre of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk. It’s truly a sight to behold.

What was involved?

Our registration system allowed St Nicholas Hospice Care to do three key things:

  • Import a list of participants from previous years, along with relevant event information.
    This enabled us to email previous participants with a personalised invitation, where their registration was pre-populate with their personal data for an easier registration process.

  • Allow one person to register, and pay the registration fee, on behalf of many others.

    This made it easy for teams and groups to register together, while allowing each individual to update their registration information.

  • Ask each participant a list of questions, unique to this event.

    Each event has it’s own list of questions, just like Girls Night Out. For example, you may need everyone’s t-shirt size for one event, and their menu choice for another. That’s built in.

With thousands of people registering for an event that raised over £150,000 last year (and hopefully more this year, fingers crossed), we worked closely with the fundraising and marketing teams at St Nicholas Hospice Care to ensure all the digital aspects of the launch from data protection, security, branding and content went smoothly.

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