Discover how your donation is processed and how your data is kept safe.

We help you donate and fundraise in memory. Here's how it works.

We never store or hold your donation.

Unlike other donation services, your money is never in our bank account, or held by us in any way. It goes from you to the charity.

We never see your payment details.

Your details are sent straight to our secure payment processor via an encrypted connection.

We only pass your details to a charity if you say it's ok.

While you're donating, you are asked if you'd like to share your details. You can opt out with one click.

Your donation is 100% eligible for Gift Aid.

If you are a UK taxpayer, your chosen charity can reclaim an extra 25% from the government.

How does my money get to the charity?

Unlike other donation platforms, we never hold or store your money. We use an amazing payment processor called Stripe to deliver your donation straight to your chosen charity.

During the transfer, two processing fees are deducted, one for Echoleft (up to 3%) and the other for Stripe (1.4% + 20p).

How do you keep my payment information secure?

We never access or store your payment card details. They are sent directly to our secure payment processor, Stripe via an SSL (encrypted) connection.

Your chosen charity is also using Stripe to receive your donation. This means they can't see your payment card details either.

How do you keep my personal details secure?

We are registered with the Information Comissioner's Office as a data controller, and have strict, regularly reviewed internal processes to help us ensure that your data is safe, and only used in way.

We encrypt all your visits to Echoleft using SSL encryption, and make sure that your password is encrypted in our database.

We do not sell or give away your personal details. If you want us to, we can pass your details to your chosen charity. You can opt in or out of this when you give every donation.

How do I know I can trust you?

Talk to us. You can contact us with any questions or concerns you have and we'll be happy to talk them through with you.

We are a family-run company, based in the UK and we are hugely proud of our commitment to providing a secure and safe place to fundaraise in memory.