What is Echoleft?

We are a family-run site that does three things: We help people prepare for the end of their lives, we help family and friends create beautiful memorials and we help charities raise money through memorial donations.

We help people prepare for the end of their lives. We help them tell their story and preserve it securely for their loved ones, discuss their care and their wishes and provide practical help like secure storage for important documents.

We create beautiful memorial sites for families, friends, for anyone that has lost someone. Photos, videos, stories, memories and places are tied together to create a personal and unique tribute.

We help charities raise money through memorial donations and fundraising events. We also provide Echoleft to hospice patients where staff can help them create something private for their loved ones.

Why Echoleft?

We are a family-run organisation who care deeply about the experience we create for you. As the world shares more of their lives online, the death of a loved one requires a dedicated team to help you create personal, private and beautiful memorials.

We work directly with our users, as well as patients, hospices and charities to build a tool that truly helps dying people share their wishes, tell their story and raise money for charity. This is alongside practical help like document storage, practical advice and helping plan funeral arrangements.

Sam leads our support, helping people publish wonderful sites they never imagined they could create. Max leads a team of developers dedicated to security, privacy and quality.

We don't stand still. We work every day to make Echoleft better, turning our years of experience building great products into something that we are proud of, and hopefully making a difficult time a little easier for the wonderful people that we meet.